The Eden Village Experience – The Best Service for your next Holidays

CUISINE – Italian quality all over the world

The quality of Eden Village’s services is obvious also in the kitchen. Every village has an Italian chef dedicated to accommodating guests’ culinary tastes, habits and needs, adding a familiar touch to all specialties offered.


The activities proposed by the entertainment teams are exciting and engaging, but at the same time discrete and respectful of all guests, whatever their age.
Entertainment teams engage with polite discretion guests looking for a dynamic holiday, offering a programme with games and sporting activities suitable for all ages. The kind of entertainment that is able to interpret and meet the needs of those who prefer a more relaxing and private holiday; adults can enjoy a peaceful holiday, while children have plenty of space for their activities.

ASSISTANCE – MOVE is always with you

MOVE ensures that guests always have everything they need, providing all services with professionalism and a smile, from meeting them at the airport until the end of your journey. The Customer Care is always present in every Eden Village, to guarantee the best organisation and for guests’ peace of mind during their entire holiday.

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