About us

Eden Travel Group Philosophy

“We believe that holidays are a right, and rights are a serious matter. Our “job” involves more than just planning and handing out brochures filled with nice pictures: creating holiday products is a great responsibility. We consider it our duty to act responsibly and transparently every day.

Reputation is our most precious asset.

We believe holidays should be bought with the support of professional advice: this is why we offer you our 34-year experience.

Customer satisfaction is our main objective and can be achieved only with quality control. This is why we constantly measure and assess customer satisfaction, from the smiles we receive to the results of the objective analysis we commission specialised third-party companies to carry out.

We appreciate that our products must be really good and meet the requirements of those who choose them. There is no such thing as the perfect holiday for everyone, but there is a right holiday for each one of us.

We believe that only through quality our company can guarantee sustainable growth and ensure all the Group employees the future they deserve.

Our smile is our job. Holidays are a serious business.”

Our History

Eden Viaggi was founded in 1983 thanks to Nardo Filippetti’s experience in the hospitality sector. Over the years, it has grown constantly and consistently achieving great success and becoming one of the main Italian tour operators in terms of both turnover and passengers. In 2016, Eden Viaggi became the Eden Travel Group, and today is a tour operator that offers solutions for all types of holiday, for individuals and groups, on the international market and on national territory, for those who wish to discover Italy. Creating the perfect holiday requires passion, commitment, ability, responsibility, attention to detail, organisation skills. To choose a holiday, your own holiday, means to start travelling as soon as you start looking through the brochures, or looking at images on the screen, when your mind projects you to those places, situations, where time is measured by the intensity of the emotions. Eden Viaggi is a tour operator that has been organising holidays for 34 years, to offer you emotions with “I Villaggi nel Mondo”, “Eden Made” and “Margò”, a comprehensive programme that in 2016 was enriched by the inclusion in the Group of two new historical brands of the Italian tourism sector: Hotelplan and Turisanda, offering itinerant, personalised products and selected resorts in the most prestigious locations in the world. And it does so by choosing excellent services, offering quality, safety, assistance and guarantees. We are the invisible intermediaries between you and your ideal destination; we make sure you make all the right choices. We have personally selected and checked each product and service in this catalogue. Our objective, which we share with travel agents, is your happiness and safety at all times: when you make your choice, during your holiday, anywhere you go in the world, until you return home. We have options for all tastes and necessities and strive to keep offering you the best.


Eden Travel Group
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