You choose the length of your stay. You can go on holiday whenever it suits you. You choose the date and duration you want within a large seasonal timescale.
High quality standards. Relax, enjoy your holidays and get the most out of a quality Eden product.
Attention to detail. We verify all the details, the product and the services offered, to make sure you have an unforgettable holiday with plenty of relaxation, fun and well-being. Move Loyalty Club also offers entertainment, sports, shows, dining and drinks: it’s all included, because we understand only too well how important it is to have complete peace of mind when you’re on holiday.
Savings and fixed price. Buying a Move Loyalty Club offer brings you substantial savings compared to the regular rates, and the price remains fixed for the duration of your contract.
Exclusivity. If you wish, you could also become a Member of Move Loyalty Club. You’ll have a whole host of services, opportunities and exclusive solutions to choose from in the vast Eden Village programme and RCI network.

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